Applauding Durham Women’s Clinic

newborn baby at durham womens clinic
If Doctor Eleanor Easley could see Durham Women’s Clinic today, she would be so proud. In 1941 she founded the clinic with Doctor Richard Pearse and she was a source of inspiration for those serving female patients there ever since. 

With a focus on holistic care, the clinic with two locations offers professional services covering obstetric, gynecological, and midwifery for women in Durham, Brier Creek, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Roxboro, and the greater North Carolina Triangle Area.

In any given week, doctors and nurses might treat a teenager with chronic period pain, a woman pregnant with her first child, or a patient in the early menopause stage. The staff is experienced with treating women of all ages and stages of life.

Treating illnesses, offering emotional support and education are all services the clinic provides in a safe and warm environment. Nutrition and mental health counseling, breastfeeding advice, yoga classes, and childbirth education are examples of many of the clinic’s services.

When it comes to women’s health, there is a broad range of issues to cover and the clinic aims to provide help and support wherever it’s needed. They even cover genetic testing and laser treatment for symptoms related to vaginal atrophy. Imagine how impressed Doctor Easley would be with the modern technology in her clinic these days!

Other extensive services offered at Durham Women’s Clinic include:

    • prenatal care
    • postpartum care
    • specialist referrals
    • obstetric care for patients with conditions such as diabetes and hypertension 
    • ultrasounds
    • breastfeeding classes
    • std testing
    • pap smears
  • pelvic surgery
  • hormone replacement therapy

They take care of women’s health issues on physical, mental, and emotional levels and if something is out of their scope of treatment, they will make sure the patient is referred to the right place. 

Durham Women’s Clinic is handling Covid-19 with a high level of sensitivity, care, and diligence. They proactively provide information on their website, blog, and through videos presented by doctors that give answers to commonly asked questions. This thoughtful gesture is typical of the care and understanding all the staff at the clinic display consistently. 

Durham Women’s Clinic is a shining example of a community service that is resilient and strong. With a long history, they have always been an active part of the community, supporting women and their families every step of the way. Thank you Doctor Easley and to every doctor and nurse who has followed in her impressive footsteps since.

For more information about this clinic, please visit their website here.
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