Fluffy Marshmallow Bunny

February 6, 2018Yummy!

Ingredients: Large marshmallows Small marshmallows White frosting Coconut Candy for bunny face   Directions: Spread white frosting on all sides of a large marshmallow   Roll in coconut   Place two large marshmallows on top of one another   Using white frosting as glue, attach small marshmallows as bunny feet   Cut slices of an … Read More

Nutty, But Necessary

February 5, 2018Yummy!

Looking for a healthy, fulfilling snack?  Regularly snacking on nuts not only satisfies cravings, but can also extend your life by positively contributing to your body’s needs. There are so many reasons why nuts should be included in your diet, here are just a few of the benefactors.   They contain “healthy fats” that your … Read More

Marshmallow Pops

January 31, 2018Yummy!

Here is a simple and cute treat you can put together for Valentine’s Day. Ingredients: Marshmallows Almond Bark (Flavor of choice) Sprinkles Lollipop Sticks Directions Put one marshmallow on each lollipop stick. Cut off 2-3 blocks of almond bark for use, and place them in a microwave safe dish. Melt the almond bark in the … Read More