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With spring showers just around the corner, our weather can jump from sunny skies to cloudy and overcast from week to week.   And contrary to common belief, you don’t have to have a sunny day to create the best images.  In fact, a little cloud coverage can actually provide more even lighting on your subject, while help eliminating squinty eyes and harsh shadows.  So what do you do on a rainy day to still capture memories?  Here are a few ideas just for you.

Shoot under an awning or patio covering.  The indirect light that you will have when you are outside, but still under some shade can actually create some of the best lighting for your subject.  Watch your subjects face and see how the light hits them. When you see they have the best lighting on their faces is the best time to shoot.

Shoot next to a window.  When your child is looking absolutely adorable in their dress ups and its pouring rain outside, take them to the closest window and turn your flash off for some beautiful naturally lit shots.  That subtle and soft lighting can make for the best images!

Take advantage of the overcast skies.  Believe it or not, photographers love an overcast day.  The sun can create too many harsh shadows on the subject, so a little cloud coverage can help diffuse the sun and create some very nice lighting on your subject.  So don’t be afraid to head outside for photos even when the sun is hidden.

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