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Hanging pictures in your home can be an inconvenience when using nails and a hammer. Not only does it take time and manual labor, it leaves a nice sized hole in your home! We wanted to share another option with you that might just make your day; the Command brand picture hanging strips! This easy-to-use product works by sticking the very strong Velcro strips to your frame or picture, and then those strips also have a very strong adhesion that holds your art to the wall.  It’s as simple as peeling and pressing for just 30 seconds to help the art have a strong grip onto the wall.  It’s not damaging, easy to apply, and simple to remove!  When you want to change your wall art and are finished with your Command strips, simply pull your frame off the wall and then pull straight down on the tab at the bottom of the strips, and they will pull right off with no damage to your paint or walls! What a great alternative for nails, and the perfect tool for hanging your pictures!

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