Duke Labor & Delivery ranked as one of the best maternity hospitals in 2020. Read Why!

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Raleigh-Durham Birthing Center Highlight: Duke Labor & Delivery

If you’re in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina area and you’re an expecting mother, then you’ve probably already heard about this birthing center. This is one of the best, most respected birthing centers in the area – that’s why it was ranked one of the best birthing centers in Raleigh, NC, in 2020!


Why Duke Labor & Delivery hospital?


I decided to highlight this birthing center because it’s one of the most popular ones, and it’s for good reason.

They understand how important your new baby is to you and your family, and they do everything they can to ensure you are comfortable, educated, and have a smooth pregnancy.

Delivering over 3,400 babies each year, they’ve learned a thing or two about what makes expectant mothers happy.

The thing I love most about this birthing center is how they personalize and customize your birthing experience. If you prefer a private room with a view, you want a heater in your room, or even if you want specific lotion, they will ensure you have whatever you want!

As I stated earlier, Duke Labor and Delivery was ranked as one of the best maternity hospitals in 2020.

This decision came from a panel of national experts from Leapfrog. They looked at each hospital and made decisions based on standards for their excellent care and following proper protocols.

Though hospitals and birthing centers have rules and regulations they need to follow, they don’t all go above and beyond those standards – Duke Labor and Delivery does. They go far above and beyond the regular regulations to ensure every one of their patients receives the highest quality.

What makes Duke Labor & Delivery different?


There are so many different places in the Raleigh-Durham area you can choose to have your baby, but there is no other hospital that will give you the small community care and attention than Duke Hospital will. One of the things that sets Duke apart from other birthing centers in the area is that they give you that special, one-on-one attention and service that you would get from a small, family-owned style birthing center while being a large hospital.

They get to know their patients on a personal level, and you’ll feel like you are part of a small community. Here is what you will receive by giving birth at Duke:

  • Educational classes to help you prepare for your delivery
  • Prenatal care
  • Specialized labor & delivery
  • Postpartum support
  • Labor rooms with whirlpool baths, TV/DVDs
  • Postpartum rooms with private showers, recliners & couches, and TV/DVDs

Our Final Thoughts

I truly think you can’t go wrong with choosing Duke Birthing Center. They go out of their way to ensure you are comfortable at all points throughout your pregnancy – from prenatal to postpartum. They do the most for their patients and their newborns, which is why they are one of the top choices for birthing centers in Raleigh-Durham North Carolina.

If you want the most special and amazing pregnancy experience, this is the place for you!

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